Friday, May 14, 2010

Model Felicitation Speech

A Felicitation Speech….
Respected Principal, vice principal, staff and my beloved students. I am humbled by the felicitation accorded to me by you all on my completing company secretary ship and at the same time I feel immensely honored. I also take this opportunity to bid farewell to the students of the final year. A great Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said; “There is nothing constant in life except change”. Today as I stand before you, I am reminded of his powerful words. Four years have passed by…times have changed; our life has changed for the better….Here at the college I have lived a golden chapter of my life! I’ve grown up here haven’t I? I still remember my first day at the college, I was like “student get me out of here I don’t want to attend college” and then there was our Principal who instilled courage and confidence in me…and I was timidly conducting my first class…now 4 years have passed by….I was all improving in my lecturing and quickly 4 years of splendid lectureship was done….And then here comes my pursuit to company secretary’s career! It just seems like yesterday when I stepped into this college as a lecturer 4 years ago. I still remember the endless annual day celebrations, the numerous college activities that we took part in and every single detail still revolves in my head. And so I have today the 4th of May a day when another chapter closes in my life. These years have gone by so quickly to be true and I am, happy, apprehensive and saddened all at the same time. Happy because I am stepping out into the challenging world after my role here, the end of my 4 long years as a student lecturer (though some of us, may want me to continue as one…I am still at the cross-roads as far as that decision is concerned) and happy that a whole new world out there awaits my entrance as I am supposed to conquer and succeed. Secondly, apprehensive because, I know not what awaits ahead of me and what perils and obstacles lies in my path to pursuit of future success and fortune. But most of all today, I am saddened because I am leaving behind my beloved college, which is closest to my heart and also is like a second home to me. I am also saddened because I will no longer have the love and support of my colleague professors and also elder colleagues helping me realize my talents and dreams. As I speak from my personal experience, I know how shy I was when I entered the college. I had never thought of myself as a speaker, lecturer or a compere. I had never been on stage and today I confidently look back, as I stand here talking to you, I can’t believe how far I have traversed and progressed. And just like me, I know there are several others here, who themselves could not have foreseen this transformation in themselves when they left college.
Words fail me in my expressions of thanks to my elders, for they have believed in me and stood by me all throughout. They have tolerated my trials and tribulations. Our beloved principal, Dr.D.G.Shetty, our vice principal, Mr.Salimath and all our fellow lecturers, my heartfelt thanks to you. I will miss your advice in my journey from here on. But rest assured the values and messages you have given to me all these days will stay with me and be cherished throughout my life. To the support staff and college management, once again, my whole hearted gratitude for all that you have done for me. Lastly my dear students, a big thank you because in the process of dissemination of knowledge, I too have learnt many precious things from you. And this speech is incomplete without you guys and gals! Three cheers to you all. I sincerely request you students to imbibe the best values of life to make your parents and teachers to be proud of you. I wish you all a bright future. I sincerely look forward to see you excel in your chosen path and make a good career in your life.
Lastly I thank the Almighty for having given me the opportunity, courage, and strength to serve the society and pray for His continuous blessings.

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